Albina Martínez Pérez

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INTRODUCTION Reference is made to the most frequent intestinal parasites in the hematologic patients and the association with malnutrition. MATERIAL AND METHOD In the Unit of Pediatrics of Hospital General de Mexico, it was studied in prospective, observational and descriptive form to a group of 85 patient hematoncologic, coming from the external(More)
Intestinal transplantation is becoming more firmly established as a treatment for intestinal failure in patients whose home parenteral nutrition regimens have caused serious side effects. Outcomes have improved spectacularly over recent years thanks to the refinement of surgical techniques and the introduction of new immunosuppressants, and also to greater(More)
This article makes reference to the mental health Primary Prevention Program that is carried out at the "Yugoslavia Health Center", in Guadalajara City, in Mexico. It explains the origin and evolution of the program contents and its aim is to permit each one participating in the group dynamics--which are used as the work instrument--to discover himself as a(More)
Hiatal hernia and/or gastroesophageal reflux are studied in 182 pediatric patients after surgical correction of esophageal atresia. Clinical and radiological aspects, along with postoperative complications, are reviewed. Special stress is given to late stenosis that does not cure with conventional treatment and are originated by undiagnosed reflux. Hiatal(More)
BACKGROUND The introduction of the evaluation tools, such as the quality of life-questionnaires, allows to assess how functional alterations due to an illness affect the patient's life. OBJECTIVE To know the emotional, social and occupational state of allergic rhinitis patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS Quality of life questionnaires were applied once to a(More)
INTRODUCTION The antigenic extracts of bacterial vaccine (Staphylococcus aureus) they increase the phagocitosis, the immunoglobulins concentrations and they help in the immunologic response. OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of the bacterial vaccine in patient pediatric with chronic sinusitis. MATERIAL AND METHOD Through a prospective,(More)
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