Albina Foti

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In this article, a subject-specific finite element analysis has been developed to study a clinical case of a surgically misaligned hip prosthesis with an ultrashort stem. It was set out to study the strain energy density pattern, comparing the results obtained with computed tomography images. The authors developed two other numerical models: the first one(More)
Optical trapping of silver nanoplatelets obtained with a simple room temperature chemical synthesis technique is reported. Trap spring constants are measured for platelets with different diameters to investigate the size-scaling behaviour. Experimental data are compared with models of optical forces based on the dipole approximation and on electromagnetic(More)
This Letter reports a study of the highly debated ^{10}Li structure through the d(^{9}Li,p)^{10}Li one-neutron transfer reaction at 100 MeV. The ^{10}Li energy spectrum is measured up to 4.6 MeV and angular distributions corresponding to different excitation energy regions are reported for the first time. The comparison between data and theoretical(More)
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