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PURPOSE We evaluated pain, convalescence and health related quality of life in patients undergoing laparoscopic and open mini-incision donor nephrectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS We compared the records of consecutive patients who underwent laparoscopic and mini-incision open donor nephrectomy from our donor nephrectomy data base in retrospective fashion(More)
Die vorliegende Studie untersucht das Kohärenzgefühl von Studierenden im Setting „Universität“ sowie deren subjektiv wahrgenommene Lebensqualität. Ein bestehendes Instrument zur Erhebung des Kohärenzgefühls bei universitären MitarbeiterInnen wurde für Studierende adaptiert und gemeinsam mit einem Fragebogen zur subjektiven Lebensqualität 191 Studierenden an(More)
BACKGROUND Development of noninvasive molecular assays to improve disease diagnosis and patient monitoring is a critical need. In renal transplantation, acute rejection (AR) increases the risk for chronic graft injury and failure. Noninvasive diagnostic assays to improve current late and nonspecific diagnosis of rejection are needed. We sought to develop a(More)
This study was designed to (a) estimate the contribution of tacrolimus nephrotoxicity to episodes of renal allograft dysfunction investigated by needle biopsy, (b) describe the temporal evolution of nephrotoxicity and its response to therapy, and (c) ascertain how often renal dysfunction is associated with concurrent extra-renal toxicity. Patients were(More)
Hypoglycemia is a frequent problem encountered with diabetics and hospitalized patients. Although point-of-care glucose meters have revolutionized management, there are circumstances wherein glucose meter readings are inaccurate. One such example of glucose meter error occurred in a patient with end-stage renal disease receiving peritoneal dialysis who(More)
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