Albin F. Wrulich

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Illumination of a ZrC needle with short laser pulses (16 ps, 266 nm) while high voltage pulses (-60 kV, 2 ns, 30 Hz) are applied, produces photo-field emitted electron bunches. The electric field is high and varies rapidly over the needle surface so that quantum efficiency (QE) near the apex can be much higher than for a flat photocathode due to the(More)
Major performance objectives for storage-ring based light sources are small emittance and energy spread, high beam stability, and full exploitation of the photon energy from a few eV up to hard X-rays. Most of the recentgeneration light sources are built up by highly optimized lattices of the Double Bendor Triple Bend Achromat type. There is little room(More)
The authors studied the photoemission from molybdenum nanotip arrays with controlled apex curvatures by photoelectron microscopy and spectroscopy excited by 10 ps visible laser pulses under dc electric field. While two-photon photoemission microscopy demonstrates the enhancement of photoabsorption at the sharp tip apex, spatially resolved analysis of the(More)
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