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Smartphone Apps in the Context of Tinnitus: Systematic Review
This review work gives an up-to-date overview of existing apps, and lists and discusses scientific literature pertaining to the smartphone apps used within the context of tinnitus.
PageRank Algorithm
The way in which the displaying of the web pages is done within a search is not a mystery. It involves applied math and good computer science knowledge for the right implementation. This relation
Multidisciplinary Tinnitus Research: Challenges and Future Directions From the Perspective of Early Stage Researchers
This review summarizes current knowledge in various tinnitus-relevant research fields including tinnitis generating mechanisms, heterogeneity, epidemiology, assessment, and treatment development, in an effort to highlight the main challenges and provide suggestions for future research to overcome them.
Smartphone and Mobile Health Apps for Tinnitus: Systematic Identification, Analysis, and Assessment
This work demonstrated that there exists a plethora of smartphone apps for tinnitus, and systematically searched and identified existing smartphone apps on the most prominent app markets, and applied the Mobile App Rating Scale (MARS) to evaluate and assess the apps in terms of their general quality and in-depth user experience.
Contemporary Review of Smartphone Apps for Tinnitus Management and Treatment
This paper aims to review scientific studies validating the smartphone apps providing tinnitus management and treatment, using the PRISMA guidelines for identification of studies on major scientific literature sources and delineate the outcomes of identified studies.
Contemporary and Systematic Review of Smartphone Apps for Tinnitus Management and Treatment
Tinnitus is a complex and heterogeneous psycho-physiological disorder responsible for causing a phantom ringing or buzzing sound albeit the absence of an external sound source. It has a direct
An Albanian translation of a questionnaire for self-reported tinnitus assessment.
This study provided an Albanian translation of a standardised questionnaire for tinnitus research, namely the European School for Interdisciplinary Tinnitus Research-Screening Questionnaire (ESIT-SQ), and demonstrated that it is a useful tool forTinnitus profiling and subgrouping.
Doctoral Studies as part of an Innovative Training Network (ITN): Early Stage Researcher (ESR) experiences
Background: The Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Actions’ (MSCA) Innovative Training Network (ITN) is a doctoral training programme jointly implemented by academic institutions and industries from countries
The research community in software engineering is trying to find a way on how to achieve the goal of having a fault-free software. The industry that will use a near fault-free software will have it
The Values of Civic Education through Information Technology
Citizenship is closely related to the progressive steps of decision-making process for new education policies being applied in these last years. Once the attention was only focused in writing ,