Albertus C. den Brinker

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Parameter estimations of a fourth-order linear model are applied to data from subthreshold measurements of impulse responses of the transient visual system. These impulse responses were obtained experimentally by several subjects, at two different background luminance levels and for different field sizes. The parameter estimations show consistent results(More)
Recommended by Henning Puder Recently, hearing aid systems where the left and right ear devices collaborate with one another have received much attention. Apart from supporting natural binaural hearing, such systems hold great potential for improving the intelligibility of speech in the presence of noise through beamforming algorithms. Binaural beamforming(More)
— We consider orthonormal expansions where the basis functions are governed by some free parameters. If the basis functions adhere to a certain differential or difference equation, then an expression can be given for a specific enforced convergence rate criterion as well as an upper bound for the quadratic truncation error. This expression is a function of(More)
Kautz series allow orthogonal series expansion of finite-energy signals defined on a semi-infinite axis. The Kautz series consists of orthogonalized exponential functions or sequences. This series has as free parameters an ordered set of poles, each pole associated with an exponential function or sequence. For reasons of approximation and compact(More)
In this paper we address the problem of approximating functions on a semi-innite interval by truncated series of or-thonormal generalized Laguerre functions. The generalized Laguerre functions contain two parameters, namely a scale factor and an order of generalization. The rate of convergence of a generalized Laguerre series depends on the choice of these(More)