Alberto de Campo

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We propose a systematic approach for reasoning about experimental sonification designs for a given type of dataset. Starting from general data properties, the approach recommends initial strategies, and lists possible refinements to consider in the design process. An overview of the strategies included is presented as a mental (and visual) map, and the(More)
We describe a pilot study on the sonification of data from lattice Quantum Chromodynamics, a branch of computational physics. This data is basically 4-dimensional and discretized on a lattice. The implementation allows interactive navigation through the data via different interfaces. Two different sonification schemes have been applied, giving information(More)
The ideas explored here are based on questioning some common assumptions in the usual conceptual models of hybrid (NIME-style) instrument design, and thinking and playing through the implications of these alternate strategies in theory and implementation. They include: varying the mappings between controller input and changing them on the fly in(More)
This paper proposes a design for a generalized sonification environment (“SonEnvir”) that aims to be flexible, easily extensible, and practically useful for researchers from many scientific domains (target fields) that deal with data analysis and exploration. SonEnvir is intended to allow for very quick development of new sonification designs, based on a(More)
This paper describes a design approach for creating generic computer user interfaces with spatial auditory displays. It proposes a structured depiction process from formulating mode independent descriptions of user interfaces (UIs), to audio rendering methods for virtual environments. As the key step in the process a semantic taxonomy of user interface(More)
This article discusses the use of sound for auditory information display, and in particular its application for exploration of scientific data, known as sonification. Sonification can be defined as the use of sound to display data of scientific interest in order to investigate structures, trends or patterns in the data. Background is provided from several(More)
This paper presents challenges in the design, development and dissemination of electronic and digital musical instruments as they were identified within a newly established interdisciplinary research project. These challenges, covering a range of theoretical, artistic and practical perspectives, fall into the categories Embracing Technology,(More)