Alberto Volpatto

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Touchscreen devices increase the risk of shoulder surfing to such an extent that attackers could steal sensitive information by simply following the victim and observe his or her portable device. We underline this concern by proposing an automatic shoulder surfing attack against modern touchscreen keyboards that display magnified keys in predictable(More)
Spying on a person is a subtle, yet easy and reliable method to obtain sensitive information. Even if the victim is well protected from digital attacks, spying may be a viable option. In addition, the pervasiveness of mobile devices increases an attacker’s opportunities to observe the victims while they are accessing or entering sensitive information. This(More)
Many computer protection tools incorporate learning techniques that build mathematical models to capture the characteristics of system’s activity and then check whether live system’s activity fits the learned models. This approach, referred to as anomaly detection, has enjoyed immense popularity because of its effectiveness at recognizing unknown attacks(More)
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