Alberto Villalobos

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Genetic diversity in and relationships among 26 Creole cattle breeds from 10 American countries were assessed using 19 microsatellites. Heterozygosities, F-statistics estimates, genetic distances, multivariate analyses and assignment tests were performed. The levels of within-breed diversity detected in Creole cattle were considerable and higher than those(More)
We conducted a three-dimensional ultrasonographic evaluation of the size and structure of the ovaries of women who had clinical and biochemical findings suggestive of polycystic ovary syndrome. We carried out a comparative color Doppler frequency and color Doppler amplitude study of the vascular patterns of these ovaries. This study involved 65 women of(More)
BACKGROUND Axillary lymph node status, hormonal receptors (HR) and HER2 expression are significant prognostic factors for early breast cancer. Triple negative immunophenotype (HER2 and HR negative) is associated with a high frequency of recurrence and lower overall survival. The objective was assess clinical behavior, recurrence and survival of patients(More)
In order to study the first trimester ultrasonographic differences between nuchal translucency and hygroma colli, we rescanned 25 fetuses (13 with nuchal translucency and 12 with hygroma colli) using transvaginal and three-dimensional ultrasonography, after obtaining a fetal karyotype report. Our objective was to test the premise that the different(More)
These consensus guidelines have been developed by a group of Latin American experts in pain management, to point out patterns and make practical recommendations to guide the diagnosis, identify warning signs (yellow and red flags), and establish comprehensive medical management (pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatment) and monitoring plans for patients(More)
Acute pancreatitis in cancer patients can be secondary to the malignant process itself. It is also a rare complication of antineoplastic agent administration. Ifosfamide is an effective drug in the treatment of several tumors and has known neurologic, renal, and hematologic toxicities. There is only one recent report in the literature of pancreatitis(More)
e22184 Background: Breast cancer (BC) is the most common tumor in Mexican women between 35 to 50 years old. KI67 is a nuclear antigen considered as a proliferation marker with potential prognostic significance in BC survival. OBJECTIVE To determine the correlation between KI67 and prognostic factors in BC patients (pts). METHODS Of 340 consecutive BC(More)
Some aspects concerning brucellosis are revised. This is a disease with a high incidental rate among the children's population in Salamanca and bordering provinces. The local prevailing epidemiologic conditions are reviewed, as well as the most outstanding clinical features, which are in children, according to the author's personal experience, less protean(More)
e11009 Background: Breast cancer (BC) is most frequent among Mexican women. Since prognosis varies in early stages, a high percentage of patients are overtreated with chemotherapy. A 21-gene profile (Oncotype-DX) predicts recurrence risk in ER+, lymph node negative BC. OBJECTIVE To correlate clinical-biological characteristics of early BC in relation(More)
The pulmonary function has been studied in 13 newborns with transient tachypnea (TT), matched for birth weight in 7 newborns with pneumothorax (NT) with higher birth weight than 2,500 g and the results were compared with 21 newborns healthy, matched for weight. The study was done in first 24 h after birth. Inspiratory and expiratory flow was measured by a(More)