Alberto Vecchietti

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Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in plants are involved in aroma and pest resistance. These compounds form a complex mixture whose composition is specific to species and often to varieties. Despite their importance as essential factors that determine peach fruit quality, understanding of molecular, genetic, and physiological mechanisms underlying aroma(More)
BACKGROUND The ESTree db represents a collection of Prunus persica expressed sequenced tags (ESTs) and is intended as a resource for peach functional genomics. A total of 6,155 successful EST sequences were obtained from four in-house prepared cDNA libraries from Prunus persica mesocarps at different developmental stages.(More)
BACKGROUND The ESTree database (db) is a collection of Prunus persica and Prunus dulcis EST sequences that in its current version encompasses 75,404 sequences from 3 almond and 19 peach libraries. Nine peach genotypes and four peach tissues are represented, from four fruit developmental stages. The aim of this work was to implement the already existing(More)
Brown rot (BR) caused by Monilinia spp. leads to significant post-harvest losses in stone fruit production, especially peach. Previous genetic analyses in peach progenies suggested that BR resistance segregates as a quantitative trait. In order to uncover genomic regions associated with this trait and identify molecular markers for assisted selection (MAS)(More)
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