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This paper presents an analog built-in testing (BIT) architecture and its implementation. It enables the frequency response and harmonic distortion characterizations of an integrated device-under-test (DUT) through a digital off-chip interface. External analog instrumentation is avoided, reducing test time and cost. The proposed on-chip testing scheme uses(More)
This paper introduces a 2<sup>nd</sup> harmonic extraction technique in a 46.4-58.1 GHz frequency synthesizer. The frequency doubling approach is based on tapping second harmonic signals at the VCO supply and tail nodes and amplifying them to provide a differential output. Since the amplifiers do not load the VCO outputs, neither the tuning range nor the(More)
Top-gated graphene transistors operating at high frequencies (gigahertz) have been fabricated and their characteristics analyzed. The measured intrinsic current gain shows an ideal 1/f frequency dependence, indicating a FET-like behavior for graphene transistors. The cutoff frequency f(T) is found to be proportional to the dc transconductance g(m) of the(More)
—A phased-array transmitter (TX) for multi-Gb/s non-line-of-sight links in the four frequency channels of the IEEE 802.15.3c standard (58.32 to 64.8 GHz) is fully integrated in a 0.12-m SiGe BiCMOS process. It consists of an up-conversion core followed by a 1:16 power distribution tree, 16 phase-shifting front-ends, and a digital control unit. The TX core(More)
High-performance graphene transistors for radio frequency applications have received much attention and significant progress has been achieved. However, devices based on large-area synthetic graphene, which have direct technological relevance, are still typically outperformed by those based on mechanically exfoliated graphene. Here, we report devices with(More)
WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICES, among the semiconductor industry's most important products, are gathering a continually growing number of standards and applications. In today's competitive market, incorporating a comprehensive testing strategy into a wireless mod-ule's design flow is indispensable to its timely development and economic success. 1-3 Modern(More)
This work presents an analysis on frequency planning and synthesis for multiband (MB) orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) ultra-wideband (UWB) radios operating in the range of 3.1-10.6 GHz. The most important specifications for the frequency synthesizer in an MB-OFDM UWB transceiver are provided. A synthesizer architecture for an existing(More)