Alberto Tofani

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Extreme natural hazards are regarded as major threats for Critical Infrastructures (CI). A fault of single elements of a CI, due to CI interdependency, can produce hardly predictable cascading effects. Coupling meteorological-climatic and geophysical predictions with the knowledge of all CIs in a given region could be used to design a new class of Decision(More)
A major problem of numerical controllers is their robustness, i.e. the state read from the plant may not be in the controller table, although it may be close to some states in the table. For continuous systems, this problem is typically handled by interpolation techniques. Unfortunately, when the plant contains both continuous and discrete variables, the(More)
We present a methodology for the synthesis of controllers, which exploits (explicit) model checking techniques. That is, we can cope with the systematic exploration of a very large state space. This methodology can be applied to systems where other approaches fail. In particular, we can consider systems with an highly non-linear dynamics and lacking a(More)
Critical infrastructures (CI) such as telecommunication or the power grids and their dependencies are getting increasingly complex. Understanding these – often indirect –dependencies is a vital precondition for the prevention of cross sector cascading failures of CI. Simulation is an important tool for CI dependency analysis, the test of(More)
This paper presents a Knowledge Base System (KBS) as a key component of a federated simulation framework which allows the investigation of (inter)dependencies among Critical Infrastructures (CIs). The KBS supports the federated simulation framework by using the ontological formalism to represent specific CI domains and their interdependencies. The main(More)
This paper describes a knowledge-based system (KBS) designed to support a federated environment for simulating critical infrastructure models. A federation of simulators is essentially a “system of systems,” where each simulator represents an entity that operates independently with its own behavior and purpose. The interactions among the components of the(More)