Alberto Tesei

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The activity of the following drugs was investigated in two established NSCLC cell lines: docetaxel, gemcitabine, vinorelbine, paclitaxel, doxorubicin (0.01, 0.1, 1 microg ml(-1)), cisplatin, ifosfamide (1, 2, 3 microg ml(-1)) and carboplatin (2, 4, 6 microg ml(-1)). The cytotoxic activity was evaluated by the sulphorhodamine B assay. The two most active(More)
We study the existence and nonexistence of solutions to a semilinear elliptic equation with inverse-square potential. The dividing line with respect to existence or nonexistence is given by a critical exponent, which depends on the strength of the potential. In this paper we study the existence and nonexistence of solutions u ≥ 0 of the equation −∆u = c r 2(More)
retired from Chevron in 2005 after 37 years of service. He began his career in Chevron's Corporate Engineering Department, providing technical engineering expertise in machinery, pressure vessels, tanks, and heat exchangers for onshore and offshore refining and chemical facilities, geothermal facilities, pipelines, and ships. Mr. Hopper subsequently managed(More)
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