Alberto Spisni

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Synthetic peptides with sequences identical to fragments of the constant region of different classes (IgG, IgM, IgA) of antibodies (Fc-peptides) exerted a fungicidal activity in vitro against pathogenic yeasts, such as Candida albicans, Candida glabrata, Cryptococcus neoformans, and Malassezia furfur, including caspofungin and triazole resistant strains.(More)
α-KTx toxin Tc32, from the Amazonian scorpion Tityus cambridgei, lacks the dyad motif, including Lys27, characteristic of the family and generally associated with channel blockage. The toxin has been cloned and expressed for the first time. Electrophysiological experiments, by showing that the recombinant form blocks Kv1.3 channels of olfactory bulb(More)
Texture analysis in magnetic resonance imaging has the ability to provide useful diagnostic information with respect to the discrimination of disease states of a single tissue or the separation of different tissues. However, for widespread use it is necessary to determine how texture measurements carried out in one center relate to those carried out in(More)
The protein IF(1) is a natural inhibitor of the mitochondrial F(o)F(1)-ATPase. Many investigators have been prompted to identify the shortest segment of IF(1), retaining its native activity, for use in biomedical applications. Here, the activity of the synthetic peptides IF(1)-(42-58) and IF(1)-(22-46) is correlated to their structure and conformational(More)
Applications to Porous Media: 1. The anomalous adsorbate dynamics at surfaces in porous media studied by NMR methods. The orientational structure factor and Lévy walks 17. Reorientations mediated by translational diffusion as a mechanism for nuclear magnetic relaxation of molecules confined in surface layers 6. Nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersion of(More)
By means of 23Na NMR, two ion binding sites were observed in phospholipid-packaged gramicidin channels and the four associated rate constants were approximated. Limits also were placed on a fifth rate constant for an intrachannel ion translocation. By using Eyring rate theory to introduce voltage dependence, these rate constants were used in(More)
Toxins that block voltage-dependent K+ channels and those that modify Na+ channel gating exhibit positive inotropic effect on skeletal muscle. We compared the effect of the venom of Tityus cambridgei (Tc) and Tityus serrulatus (Ts) scorpions on mouse diaphragm force, in vitro. In indirect and direct (using D-tubocurarine 7.3 microM) stimulation, Tc,(More)
Malonyl gramicidin is incorporated into lysolecithin micelles in a manner which satisfies a number of previously demonstrated criteria for the formation of the transmembrane channel structure. By means of sodium-23 nuclear magnetic resonance, two binding sites are observed: a tight site and a weak site with binding constants of approximately 100 M-1 and 1(More)
Blood transfusion is a fundamental therapy in numerous pathological conditions. Regrettably, many clinical reports describe adverse transfusion's drawbacks due to red blood cells alterations during storage. Thus, the possibility for a blood bank to ameliorate the quality of the erythrocyte concentrates units is crucial to improve clinical results and reduce(More)
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