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We report on, to the best of our knowledge, the first growth, spectroscopy, and laser operation of monocrystalline Ba(Y<sub>0.8</sub>Lu<sub>0.2</sub>)<sub>2</sub>F<sub>8</sub> doped with 1.25 at.% of Pr<sup>3+</sup> ions (Pr:BYLF). We studied the spectroscopic properties of this material, particularly in comparison with its isomorph Pr<sup>3+</sup>:(More)
We report on the first growth, spectroscopy, and visible laser operation of a single-crystal fiber (SCF) of KY3F10 (KYF) grown by the micro-pulling-down (μ-PD) method, doped with Pr3+ ions. This material has a cubic lattice, which makes it appealing for use in the industry. However, KYF crystals are considered difficult to grow with high optical quality,(More)
Research on praseodymium-doped solid-state lasers is seeing a renovated interest in the last years. Among the best crystal hosts for these lasers, BaY<inf>2</inf>F<inf>8</inf> (BYF) shows some peculiarities, such as its monoclinic structure and its wide Stark splitting, which allow enhanced power scalability and broad tunability. However, BYF is considered(More)
We report the first observation of continuous-wave laser emission at 720 nm, in the deep red region, of a Pr3+:KY3F10 (Pr:KYF) single crystal, pumped with a blue InGaN-based laser diode at 446 nm. We employed a hemispherical cavity with three different output coupling mirrors transmitting 0.7%, 1.4%, and 2.7% of laser radiation. We obtained a maximum output(More)
The Advanced LIGO Photon Calibrators S. Karki, 2, a) D. Tuyenbayev, 3 S. Kandhasamy, 5 B. P. Abbott, T. D. Abbott, E. H. Anders, J. Berliner, J. Betzwieser, H. P. Daveloza, C. Cahillane, L. Canete, C. Conley, 6 J. R. Gleason, E. Goetz, 6 J. S. Kissel, K. Izumi, G. Mendell, V. Quetschke, M. Rodruck, S. Sachdev, T. Sadecki, P. B. Schwinberg, A. Sottile, 9 M.(More)
We investigated the effect of rare earth impurities on the cooling efficiency of Yb³⁺:LiYF₄ (Yb:YLF). The refrigeration performance of two single crystals, doped with 5%-at. Yb and with identical history but with different amount of contaminations, have been compared by measuring the cooling efficiency curves. Spectroscopic and elemental analyses of the(More)
We investigated the polarization of continuous-wave laser emission in the orange region, at 607 nm, and in the red region, at 639 nm and 643 nm, from a Pr:BaY2F8 (Pr:BYF) crystal, pumped by a 445 nm laser diode. We achieved linearly polarized emission along two optic axes of the crystal by changing its orientation with respect to the pump. Simultaneous(More)
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