Alberto Socorro

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BACKGROUND Functional status in older people is a dynamic situation, which makes it necessary to evaluate functional capacity at different times to determinate their prognostic value. OBJECTIVE To examine the association between functional status (baseline and change after acute illness) and mortality and functional changes at 1 year. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION Screening tests for dementia are a fundamental tool in specialist consultation and primary care. The instruments currently used are time-consuming and the diagnostic performance they offer is rather poor. The original version of the Buschke Memory Impairment Screen (MIS) is a quick simple test with high discriminatory power. AIMS Our aim was(More)
In this study, the existence of additional U1 snRNA variants in the posterior silk gland of the Bombyx mori Nistari strain from India was investigated. Three new U1 variants were detected. One of the new isoforms (U1 SG1) was found to be preferentially assembled into high molecular weight spliceosomal complexes in comparison with the total cellular lysate(More)
This study attempts to ascertain genetic affinities between Native American and East Asian populations by analyzing four polymorphic Alu insertions (PAIs) and three L1 polymorphic loci. These two genetic systems demonstrated strong congruence when levels of diversity and genetic distances were considered. Overall, genetic relatedness within Native American(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate rehabilitation outcomes at discharge and at year patients older 85 years admitted to functional treatment after hip fracture. METHOD A prospective study of inpatients admitted after hip fracture to medium-stay geriatric unit between May 2000 and September 2002. Baseline, clinical variables (location of fracture, serum albumin and(More)
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