Alberto Silva

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SE and KE were originally conceived as separate software development disciplines. However, it has been found that there are specific issues on which the two disciplines can complement each other. If we are to make the most of the possible benefits provided by integrating these two disciplines, both software engineers and knowledge engineers must be familiar(More)
In recent years computational devices have become affordable to the point where is common for a user to own mobile phones, PDAs, Laptops and Desktops. He may use these devices both for entertaining purposes or in order to perform his work anywhere. Due to this fact it is expected that a user stores different versions of the same files throughout his(More)
This study aims to develop a tool to visually simulate Stochastic Automata Networks (SAN). The SAN formalism uses the PEPS tool for numerical solution, evaluating unexpected behaviors. These numerical solutions are the core for structured formalisms since they provide numerical results based on mathematical relationships. It is very interesting to(More)
Quality is often considered something that must be in conformance with system requirements. However, such requirements keep changing to be aligned with the business needs, thus making quality a moving target! Requirements engineering helps to elicit the stakeholders requirements (such in a form of general goals, user stories, use cases, constraints etc.)(More)
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