Alberto Silletti

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Drosophila melanogaster is a model organism in genetics thanks to the compactness of its genome and its relative simplicity. Recently, certain developmental patterns in Drosophila have been studied by mathematical models, with the aim of gaining deeper and quantitative insight into the morphogenesis of this insect. There is a need for accurate dynamical of(More)
Epithelia are sheets of connected cells that are essential across the animal kingdom. Experimental observations suggest that the dynamical behavior of many single-layered epithelial tissues has strong analogies with that of specific mechanical systems, namely large networks consisting of point masses connected through spring-damper elements and undergoing(More)
This work presents a generalized formulation of the Snake model defining new terms for the internal and the external energy functionals. These modifications conjugate features of the object contour as well as the inside of the shape. The obtained model is significantly more accurate spatially on the image plane and temporally on the frame sequence. In(More)
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