Alberto Scotti

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In this paper, a general introduction to the large-eddy simulation (LES) technique will be given. Modeling and numerical issues that are under study will be described to illustrate the capabilities and requirements of this techniques. A palette of applications will then be presented, chosen on the basis both of their scientific and technological importance,(More)
Solving elliptic PDEs in more than one dimension can be a computationally expensive task. For some applications characterised by a high degree of anisotropy in the coefficients of the elliptic operator, such that the term with the highest derivative in one direction is much larger than the terms in the remaining directions , the discretized elliptic(More)
Arachnoid cysts are developmental collections of cerebrospinal fluid covered by layers of arachnoidal epithelium and are usually located in the middle cranial fossa. Localizations in the posterior fossa are uncommon and generally remain asymptomatic or cause vague and non-specific symptoms. We here report the unusual case of a young patient with an(More)
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