Alberto Schaeffer-Filho

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Ubiquitous systems and applications involve interactions between multiple autonomous entities—for example, robots in a mobile ad-hoc network collaborating to achieve a goal, communications between teams of emergency workers involved in disaster relief operations or interactions between patients’ and healthcare workers’ mobile devices. We have previously(More)
Traffic analysis and anomaly detection have been extensively used to characterize network utilization as well as to identify abnormal network traffic such as malicious attacks. However, so far, techniques for traffic analysis and anomaly detection have been carried out independently, relying on mechanisms and algorithms either in edge or in core networks(More)
—Today's communication networks are migrating from resource based networks to service based network. These services could include, for example, financial, trading and other corporate services. Failing of such services would have significant impact, therefore it is important to ensure the resilience of a service as attributed in Service Level Agreements. In(More)
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