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Establishing trust in systems is a difficult problem to tackle. In the Cloud, establishing trust is even more complicated considering its dynamic nature and distributed resources. One of the Cloud's potential feature is providing transparent management of resources at Cloud's infrastructure. This would hide technical complexities from Cloud's customers,(More)
This paper describes an application of authorization and access control based on the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) method and integrated in a comprehensive trust infrastructure of a health care application. The method is applied to a health care business process that involves multiple actors accessing data and resources needed for performing clinical and(More)
Robotic companions offer a unique combination of embodiment and computation which open many new interesting opportunities in the field of pediatric care. As these new technologies are developed, we must consider the central research questions of how such systems should be designed and what the appropriate applications for such systems are. In this paper we(More)
In this paper we present two different approaches to personality diagnosis , for the provision of innovative personalized services, as used in a case study where diabetic patients were supported in the improvement of physical activity in their daily life. The first approach presented relies on a static clustering of the population, with a specific(More)
Social robots have the potential to provide support in a number of practical domains, such as learning and behaviour change. This potential is particularly relevant for children, who have proven receptive to interactions with social robots. To reach learning and therapeutic goals, a number of issues need to be investigated, notably the design of an(More)
This work describes the requirements that a robotic companion should have in order to properly provide support to diabetic children, in a hospital department. The paper will briefly introduce all the different needs that a diabetic child might have, and the difficulties she faces in the discovery and management of the disease. Starting from literature both(More)
Mobile users require location based, situation aware services, especially when healthcare is involved. Within " Nomadic Media " an Eureka-ITEA International projects, Ontology based semantic web service discovery and orchestration have been studied and applied to provide mobile users with innovative healthcare services. The designed system identifies,(More)
INTRODUCTION In a nutshell, this chapter is about directions and guidelines for ICT to build Personal Guidance Systems that can provide support to healthy people and motivate them to undertake healthier behaviors. We called this ideal system HealthPGS, and we will describe in this chapter its conceptual foundations, its functionalities and candidate(More)