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The inherent complexity of modern cloud infrastructures has created the need for innovative monitoring approaches, as state-of-the-art solutions used for other large-scale environments do not address specific cloud features. Although cloud monitoring is nowadays an active research field, a comprehensive study covering all its aspects has not been presented(More)
Data Mining is playing a key role in most enterprises, which have to analyse great amounts of data in order to achieve higher profits. Nevertheless, due to the large datasets involved in this process, the data mining field must face some technological challenges. Grid Computing takes advantage of the low-load periods of all the computers connected to a(More)
L'accès à ce site Web et l'utilisation de son contenu sont assujettis aux conditions présentées dans le site Access and use of this website and the material on it are subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth at SUMMARY Over the last decade, grid computing has paved the way for a new level of large scale distributed systems where thousands or even(More)
The use of parallel file systems constitutes a high-performance solution to the problem known as I/O crisis in parallel or distributed environments. In the last years, clusters have become one of the most cheap and flexible frameworks for the deployment of parallel and distributed applications. Both parallel file systems and clusters have been successfully(More)
Since current applications demand access to a huge volume of data, new and sophisticated I/O systems are required. Several mass storage systems have been developed from different institutions to access their own data repositories. These systems expose native interfaces not interoperable among them. In order to deal with this requirement, OGSA-DAI has(More)
The cloud computing model aims to make large-scale data-intensive computing affordable even for users with limited financial resources, that cannot invest into expensive infrastructures necesssary to run them. In this context, MapReduce is emerging as a highly scalable programming paradigm that enables high-throughput data-intensive processing as a cloud(More)
Over the last decade, Grid computing paved the way for a new level of large scale distributed systems. This infrastructure made it possible to securely and reliably take advantage of widely separated computational resources that are part of several different organizations. Resources can be incorporated to the Grid, building a theoretical virtual(More)
Complexity has always been one of the most important issues in distributed computing. From the first clusters to grid and now cloud computing, dealing correctly and efficiently with system complexity is the key to taking technology a step further. In this sense, global behavior modeling is an innovative methodology aimed at understanding the grid behavior.(More)