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Taxonomic and nomenclatural status of Iberian Algyroides (Lacertidae)
It is shown that none of the diagnostic characters used by Valverde to differentiate between A. hidalgoi and A. marchi are actually diagnostic, as it is found high levels of variability on those characters in the studied specimens.
A new species of Troglotayosicus Lourenço, 1981 (Scorpiones: Troglotayosicidae) from southern Ecuador
Abstract A new epigean species belonging to the genus Troglotayosicus Lourenço, 1981 is described from southern Ecuador based on morphological traits. This enigmatic group of scorpions was known from
Patterns of morphological diversification in giant Berberomeloe blister beetles (Coleoptera: Meloidae) reveal an unexpected taxonomic diversity concordant with mtDNA phylogenetic structure
Six new species of Berberomeloe are described based on the concordance between mtDNA clades and morphological units, and no morphometric overlap is observed between two closely related clades, suggesting that sympatry could trigger morphological diversification.
Phylogeny of Meloini blister beetles (Coleoptera, Meloidae) and patterns of island colonization in the Western Palaearctic
Flightless, phoretic insects of the tribe Meloini include several widespread species able to inhabit both mainland and oceanic and continental islands. Relationships between phoretic and non‐phoretic
Amphibians of the Oriental Region and the Moulouya River Basin of Morocco: distribution and conservation notes
Monitoring amphibian populations, especially over fragile ecosystems such as arid and semiarid landscapes, helps to detect demographic trends and ecological risks. During several campaigns carried
Habitat use in south-west European skinks (genus Chalcides)
Habitat use by two species of European skinks was investigated, showing that the two species occupied opposite extremes of the ecological gradient, but there was broad ecological overlap in transitional climates at all of the habitat scales examined.
Ptychadena in Mauritania and the first record of Ptychadena schillukorum
The study of specimens of the herpetological collection of the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales Naturales de Madrid reveals the first record of Ptychadena schillukorum from Mauritania, extending the known distribution range of the species in West Africa more than 450 km northwards.
Northern coastal populations of Pelobates varaldii PASTEUR & BONS, 1959: new breeding ponds and proposal for their conservation
his work received the support of the Hassan ii Academy of Sciences and Technics (icgvSA project: impact of global change on the Semi-aquatic vertebrates along a Mediterranean to Pre-Saharan