Alberto Rozzi

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The IWA Anaerobic Digestion Modelling Task Group was established in 1997 at the 8th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion (Sendai, Japan) with the goal of developing a generalised anaerobic digestion model. The structured model includes multiple steps describing biochemical as well as physicochemical processes. The biochemical steps include disintegration(More)
A preliminary investigation is described on the application of calorimetry as a sensitive technique to evaluate nitrifying activity in activated sludge. Calorimetric profiles (thermograms) related to heat dissipation due to biological nitrification reactions (ammonia or nitrite consumption) have been interpreted. Correlations between calorimetric data and(More)
Innovative techniques are being studied to assess the activity of bioreactors and to improve the performance and operational stability of biological processes. Among these techniques, the pH-stat titration is applicable to any bioreaction involving pH variations. Up to now, the main application of the pH-stat titration has been for nitrification monitoring.(More)
The Rantox biosensor was designed for anaerobic wastewater treatment process control, and detects modifications of the feed based on the response of the acetoclastic methanogens contained in the sensor to periodic pulses of a concentrated organic substrate. The biosensor was tested under various operating conditions at the laboratory scale, in parallel with(More)
The present paper deals with a laboratory-scale study of anaerobic treatment of two commercial mixtures (LS2, LT7) of alcohol ethoxylates with 8-14 carbon atoms and 2 and 7 ethoxy groups. Tests were carried out in batch, with a 2 g l(-1) single dose, and in semibatch, with daily 0.2 g l(-1) doses. The behaviour of the tested mixtures was different:(More)
A pilot plant membrane bioreactor has been tested in parallel with a full-scale activated sludge wastewater treatment plant fed on the wastewater from a textile factory. The possibility to upgrade the final effluent for internal reuse was investigated. The pilot and full-scale plants are located in a textile factory (Boselli & C., Olgiate Comasco, North(More)
The first model has been proposed to compute, in complex liquid (bio)chemical systems, a number of physicochemical parameters, namely pH, concentration of one of any chemical species, partition between acid-base forms, global charge, or ionic strength, assuming the physicochemical equilibrium state. The extension of the present model, described here,(More)
An anoxic titrimetric test was investigated for measuring denitrifying activity in an activated sludge system. The method measures the amount of acid that is required to maintain the pH set-point value in a batch denitrification experiment. An iterative algorithm was implemented to extract nitrate uptake rate (NUR) data from titration data, since the(More)