Alberto Pretel

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Lymphocytes with different chromosome numbers (46,XX and 47,XX + 21) in cultures, were obtained from the blood of a mosaic of a Down's syndrome patient. Their distinctive susceptibility to chromosome damage induced by bleomycin radiomimetic was tested and compared with lymphocytes from healthy individuals. The test showed that the presence of an extra(More)
Within the density matrix formalism, we report on the quantum control of the excitonic coherences in quantum dots coupled to a single mode field resonant semiconductor cavity. We use an external classical laser field to drive the dynamical response of the excitonic states. Dissipation mechanisms associated with the cavity field and the excitonic states are(More)
A high frequency of satellite association phenomena in a number of specimens of Rattus rattus and R. norvegicus, captured on the coastal fringe of Málaga province (Southern Spain), was found. Only Ag-NOR bearing chromosomes participated in associations in both species. R. rattus is characterized by 14/18 heterologous and R. norvegicus by 5/5 and 13/13(More)
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