Alberto Postiglione

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This paper is focused on Catalog a, a software package based on Lexicon-Grammar theoretical and practical analytical framework and embedding a ling ware module built on compressed terminological electronic dictionaries. We will here show how Catalog a can be used to achieve efficient data mining and information retrieval by means of lexical ontology(More)
One of the most relevant problems with Information Retrieval (IR) softwares is the correct processing of complex lexical units, today also known as multiword units. The shortcomings are mainly due to the fact that such units are often considered as extemporaneous combinations of words retrievable by means of statistical routines. On the contrary, several(More)
In this paper we propose a solution to secure interoperability between electronic ID management infrastructures enabling the provision of cross-border eServices to mobile citizens. Our proposal considers an interoperability architecture based on a federation of national infrastructures and follows a cooperation based approach which is fully compatible with(More)
Although there is evidence of a growing awareness of the problem, no official policy statements or regulatory guidelines on polypharmacy have been released up to date by Italian Health Authorities. Medication review, application of appropriateness criteria and computerized prescription support systems are all possible approaches in order to improve the(More)
Although a vast amount of contents and knowledge has been made available in electronic format and on the web in recent years, translators still do not have friendly and targeted tools at their disposal for the various aspects of a translation process, i.e., the analysis phase, automatic creation and management of the linguistic resources needed and(More)
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