Alberto Portera Sánchez

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Picasso, mentally travelling around the objects, indicated a process of visual disconnection of their naturals forms which ended in the recovery of the beautiful lines of euclidean geometry. In this paintings and especially in Les Démoiselles d'Avignon, the triangles and circles become plastic materials but they do not form perfect euclidean tridimensional(More)
The contents of this presentation are the consequence o reading the book Infectious Diseases and Music where the authors Drs. Gomis and Sánchez describe the infections suffered by more than fourty composers or interpreters. Although infections were more prevalent, intense psychological repercussions were also frequent. Reviewing the biographies of Bach,(More)
A brief historic survey of the labyrinth, from prehistoric images carved in stone, to gardens, Renaissance drawings and architectonic constructions will presented. The metaphor of the labyrinths, which began with Theseus killing the Minotaur with the help of Ariadne, can be applied to all: scientific investigation, artistic creation, wickedness, theology(More)