Alberto Pellai

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AIM Disordered eating behaviours can lead to clinically evident and serious eating disorders (ED). Aim of this paper is to determine their extent among adolescents and to evaluate the associated characteristics. METHODS All students of a high school (age 14-18) have been asked to fill up the Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-26) anonymously. EAT-26 is a(More)
AIM This study was aimed at assessing eating habits among preadolescents living in Brianza, with a special focus on snacking' and breakfast' habits. METHODS The research was carried out in 12 post-primary schools in Brianza and included 802 students attending 43 different classes (49.3% males and 50.7% females; mean age:12.6 years). The research tool was(More)
Tobacco- and alcohol-related behaviors are important public health problems under the sanitary, economic and political point of view; even if the negative consequences of these substances' use and abuse are clear and well recognized, the prevalence of the phenomenon remains however high. Therefore to put in action prevention effective procedures, it is(More)
This study is aimed at assessing time dedicated to, motivation and involvement in physical activity on behalf of pre-adolescents. 802 students (49.3% boys and 50.7% girls; mean age: 12.6) attending 43 classes of 11 Brianza's post-elementary schools. A questionnaire was prepared and administered to the involved sample. Classes took part in this study through(More)
AIM Considering how eating habits affect the health of children and taking into account the influence of advertising messages, we wanted to investigate the quantity and the typology of advertising on air during children's television programmes. METHODS The research was conducted beginning in January 2008 up to March 2008. During this period all children's(More)
AIM The aim of this paper was to know and analyze information, attitudes and behaviors related with transformations occurring in men when they become fathers. METHODS A self-administered questionnaire has been given out to all men whose newborns were born in the Hospitals located into Borgosesia, Ivrea, Novara, Verbania and Vercelli (Piedmont region in(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical evidence and epidemiological research show an increasing number of subjects trying to become lean and reaching consequently harmful weight conditions. Aim of this paper is to assess the risk for eating disorders during adolescence. METHODS In a multicentric study high school students of 5 different districts of Northern Italy have been(More)
Preterm babies need of quantity and quality of nutrients to permit a growth rate, in terms of weight and of body composition to that of a fetus of the same gestational age. Protein and energy administration is the driver for growth. Preterms accumulate a deficit in energy and protein and extrauterine growth retardation begins. Studies support the role of(More)
Although many epidemiological studies defining child sexual abuse prevalence rates in many countries of the world are now available, Italy presents a lack of data regarding this specific issue. Only recently some attempts to define the epidemiology of this public health problem have been tried. Between 2003 and 2010, the Department of Public Health at(More)
"Spazio Giovani" is a service offered once a week by many Family Counselling Services and aimed at addressing the needs of tenagers and young people who can access it free of charge and without booking an appointment. This kind of services started in the Eighties to address the needs of young people who were sexually active and often not accessing(More)