Alberto Mezzetti

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Most cyanobacteria, under high light conditions, decrease the amount of energy arriving at the reaction centers by increasing thermal energy dissipation at the level of the phycobilisome, the(More)
Two-dimensional correlation analysis was carried out in combination with multivariate curve resolution-alternating least squares (MCR-ALS) to analyse time-resolved infrared (IR) difference spectra(More)
Hybrid methods combining quantum chemistry and classical models are largely used to describe solvent effects in absorption and emission processes of solvated chromophores. Here we compare three(More)
Natural photochemical processes often require special instrumentation to monitor them at a suitable time scale. Rapid-scan FTIR difference spectroscopy is one of the preferred techniques to obtain(More)
The photosynthetic reaction center (RC) is a membrane pigment-protein complex that catalyzes the initial charge separation reactions of photosynthesis. Following photoexcitation, the RC undergoes(More)