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Car quality improvements and price indices in Spain
The main goals of this study are to measure quality improvements in automobile sector in Spain and to estimate the quality bias in car price index released by INE. In order to do that, we propose an
Modeling Preference Data
We provide a gentle overview of modeling choice data, with an emphasis on statistical models that allow treating both observed and unobserved effects due to the decision makers and choice options. We
Corrections to classical procedures for estimating thurstone´s case v model for ranking data
The classical method (Mosteller, 1951) for estimating Thurstone´s Case V model for ranking data consists in a) transforming the observed ranking patterns to patterns of binary paired comparisons, b)
La naturaleza del proceso emprendedor en España en el contexto internacional
Historicamente, el estudio del fenomeno emprendedor no ha recibido la atencion academica que merece, en parte por la dificultad de su analisis. Esta situacion esta revirtiendo al aplicarse tecnicas
In this paper we re-examine the measurement of entrepreneurial activity and provide a model-based approach at measure. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) project has been a key addition to our