Alberto Marcello

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Recent developments of element-specific microscopy techniques using synchrotron radiation are opening new opportunities for the analytical investigation of various heterogeneous materials. This article provides a general description of the operational principles of different microscopes allowing chemical and structural imaging combined with micro-spot(More)
BACKGROUND Type 1 diabetes incidence presents a decreasing gradient in Europe from the Nordic countries to the Mediterranean ones. Exception to this gradient is represented by Sardinia, the second largest Mediterranean island whose population shows the highest incidence in Europe, after Finland. The genetic features of this population have created a fertile(More)
The milestone in polio eradication program is to protect effectively children aged 0-5 years against the three serotypes of poliovirus. It became necessary to measure the level of neutralizing antibodies to the three poliovirus types in an endemic State in Nigeria. Neutralizing antibodies to the poliovirus types among children aged 0-5 years was estimated(More)
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