Alberto Marín-Sanguino

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BACKGROUND In the past, tasks of model based yield optimization in metabolic engineering were either approached with stoichiometric models or with structured nonlinear models such as S-systems or linear-logarithmic representations. These models stand out among most others, because they allow the optimization task to be converted into a linear program, for(More)
BACKGROUND Design of newly engineered microbial strains for biotechnological purposes would greatly benefit from the development of realistic mathematical models for the processes to be optimized. Such models can then be analyzed and, with the development and application of appropriate optimization techniques, one could identify the modifications that need(More)
Keywords: Biochemical systems Power-law formalism S-systems Generalized mass action Linear programming Multiobjective optimization Geometric programming In this work we present a general (mono and multiobjective) optimization framework for the technological improvement of biochemical systems. The starting point of the method is a mathematical model in(More)
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