Alberto Manuel Fernández Álvarez

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Speech processing and recognition are key technologies to produce smart user interfaces in an increasing number of devices. Moreover, robust speech recognition is considered mandatory for a reliable operation of such elements in realistic working conditions. Through this paper, a method of processing speech degraded by noise and reverberation is proposed.(More)
Beamforming Filtering techniques are well known for their angular selectivity in speech enhancement applications with noisy backgrounds. Besides, Negative Beamformers achieve an important advantage compared with classical array structures: the lower number of signal sensors (microphones) required. The scheme that is proposed in this paper combines Negative(More)
Rich Web Clients allow developers to manage data locally and update it from the server by means of asynchronous requests, thus providing more interactive interfaces and an improved user experience. On the other hand, they face concerning challenges regarding error management. When there is a need to update the local data through multiple asynchronous(More)
An efficient convergent synthesis of nonadeuterated 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D2 (1) by Pd(0)-catalyzed coupling between the boronate ester (upper fragment) and the enol triflate (A-ring fragment) is described. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled '16th Vitamin D Workshop'.
  • José María Ceballos, B Pérez, A Álvarez, P Suárez, J M Ceballos, X Obradors +19 others
  • 2008
The purpose of the work was to study, characterize, and measure the different components of AC losses in superconductors that are part of such electrical systems as transformers, electrical motors, etc. The reason for such a study is because, if the study of losses is an important part of the design of any electrical application, in superconducting(More)