Alberto Macerata

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BACKGROUND Because hyperinsulinemia acutely stimulates adrenergic activity, it has been postulated that chronic hyperinsulinemia may lead to enhanced sympathetic tone and cardiovascular risk. METHODS AND RESULTS In 21 obese (body mass index, 35+/-1 kg/m(2)) and 17 lean subjects, we measured resting cardiac output (by 2-dimensional echocardiography),(More)
Non-invasive fetal heart rate is of great relevance in clinical practice to monitor fetal health state during pregnancy. To date, however, despite significant advances in the field of electrocardiography, the analysis of abdominal fetal ECG is considered a challenging problem for biomedical and signal processing communities. This is mainly due to the low(More)
Spectral analysis of cardiovascular series has been proposed as a noninvasive tool for investigating the autonomic control of the cardiovascular system. The analysis of such series during autonomic tests requires high resolution estimators that are capable to track the transients of the tests. A comparative evaluation has been made among classical (FFT(More)
Non-invasive monitoring of fetal cardiac activity is of great clinical interest to assess fetal health. To date, however, difficulties in detecting fetal beats from abdominal mother recordings prevented the possibility of obtaining reliable results. In this study a multi-step approach for the analysis of non-invasive fetal ECG is proposed. The first steps(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the autonomic response to standard haemodialysis and the changes associated with the onset of intradialytic hypotension in 12 normotensive patients with uraemia. Power spectra of R-R interval and of blood pressure fluctuations were obtained during a standard dialysis session and estimated in the low-frequency (LF,(More)
The aim of the experiment was to investigate whether the peculiar attentional/imagery abilities associated with susceptibility to hypnosis might make postural control in highly hypnotizable subjects (Highs) that are less vulnerable to sensory alteration than in individuals with low hypnotic susceptibility (Lows). The movement of the centre of pression (CoP)(More)
In the context of HRV analysis, we evaluated the information content of two measures that can easily be derived from the classical RR time-domain indexes. The two measures are: 1) the ratio sd/rmssd, where sd is the RR standard deviation and rmssd is the root mean square of squared differences of consecutive RR beats; and 2) the ratio sd2/sd1, where sd2 and(More)
BACKGROUND Depressed heart rate variability at acute myocardial infarction discharge is associated with poor long-term prognosis. However, its early (<48 h) predictive value has not been extensively investigated. Aim of this Multicenter Italian Study was to investigate, during acute myocardial infarction, in-hospital prognostic value of heart rate(More)
Aim of the experiment was to study whether cognitive load affects postural control more in low (Lows) than in highly hypnotizable (Highs) subjects due to the latter’s greater attentional abilities. Standing Highs and Lows underwent an experimental session (closed eyes) consisting of a basal condition and of mental computation in an easy (stable support) and(More)
AIMS To investigate personality traits and sympatho-vagal modulation of heart rate variability (HRV) during acute myocardial infarction (AMI), assessing their relationships and their long-term prognostic value. METHODS AND RESULTS Psychological traits and 24 h HRV were prospectively investigated in 246 patients at discharge of an AMI. Patients were(More)