Alberto Macerata

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The aim of the experiment was to investigate whether the peculiar attentional/imagery abilities associated with susceptibility to hypnosis might make postural control in highly hypnotizable subjects (Highs) that are less vulnerable to sensory alteration than in individuals with low hypnotic susceptibility (Lows). The movement of the centre of pression (CoP)(More)
Spectral analysis of cardiovascular series has been proposed as a noninvasive tool for investigating the autonomic control of the cardiovascular system. The analysis of such series during autonomic tests requires high resolution estimators that are capable to track the transients of the tests. A comparative evaluation has been made among classical (FFT(More)
Non-invasive monitoring of fetal cardiac activity is of great clinical interest to assess fetal health. To date, however, difficulties in detecting fetal beats from abdominal mother recordings prevented the possibility of obtaining reliable results. In this study a multi-step approach for the analysis of non-invasive fetal ECG is proposed. The first steps(More)
Aim of the experiment was to study whether cognitive load affects postural control more in low (Lows) than in highly hypnotizable (Highs) subjects due to the latter's greater attentional abilities. Standing Highs and Lows underwent an experimental session (closed eyes) consisting of a basal condition and of mental computation in an easy (stable support) and(More)
In a recent study on mortality on municipalities at high risk of environment crisis, significant excesses concerning all causes of death have been localized in the municipality of Brindisi. Focusing on cardiac pathology, we investigated the time course of the daily occurrences of acute cardiovascular events (OCE) leading to unscheduled hospitalization of(More)
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