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BACKGROUND Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate (PRPP) is a central compound for cellular metabolism and may be considered as a link between carbon and nitrogen metabolism. PRPP is directly involved in the de novo and salvage biosynthesis of GTP, which is the immediate precursor of riboflavin. The industrial production of this vitamin using the fungus Ashbya(More)
Thioredoxins are proteins that participate in different cellular processes via redox-mediated reactions. For humans, we have recently described two novel members of this family that display a male germ cell specific expression pattern, named spermatid specific thioredoxin (Sptrx-1 and Sptrx-2 respectively). We report here the cloning and characterization of(More)
BACKGROUND The industrial production of riboflavin mostly relies on the microbial fermentation of flavinogenic microorganisms and Ashbya gossypii is the main industrial producer of the vitamin. Accordingly, bioengineering strategies aimed at increasing riboflavin production in A. gossypii are highly valuable for industry. RESULTS We analyze the(More)
BACKGROUND Ashbya gossypii is a filamentous fungus that is currently exploited for the industrial production of riboflavin. The utilization of A. gossypii as a microbial biocatalyst is further supported by its ability to grow in low-cost feedstocks, inexpensive downstream processing and the availability of an ease to use molecular toolbox for genetic and(More)
Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is an essential nutrient for humans and animals that must be obtained from the diet. To ensure an optimal supply, riboflavin is used on a large scale as additive in the food and feed industries. Here, we describe a historical overview of the industrial process of riboflavin production starting from its discovery and the need to(More)
BACKGROUND Classic Kaposi's sarcoma is a lymphatic endothelial cell neoplasm usually present on the skin of the upper and lower extremities. Although it commonly affects human immunodeficiency virus positive patients, there have been some human immunodeficiency virus negative cases reported. We report an uncommon presentation of stage IV classic Kaposi's(More)
  • Edición, Elsevier España, Carlos A Palacio, César Augusto, Arango Dávila, Rubén Ardila +149 others
  • 2014
Eugenesia y discriminación en Colombia: el papel de la medicina y la psiquiatría en la política inmigratoria a principios del siglo xx Me gusta encontrar ese punto de vista a veces disonante que permanece oculto a las miradas pasajeras y a los esque-Editorial La importancia de la educación continua (57,14%) con ingresos fijos (p = 0,037). En 8 de 8 (100%)(More)
  • Alberto Jiménez Méndez, Motivación, Para Conseguir, Modularización Un, Kang, Lee +5 others
  • 2008
A nivel de hardware, tenemos dispositivos con diferentes características técni-cas. Como por ejemplo el que tengan soporte para comunicación inalámbrica Cardinalidades. Las características de un modelo pueden ser anotadas con cardinalidades, como [1..*] o [3..3]. Las relaciones de características Mandatory y Optional se pueden simplificar considerándolas(More)
  • Zhenhua Morton, Li, Eric A Mehiel, Daniel J Biezad, Robert A Mcdonald, Alberto Jiménez
A thermal is a column of warm rising air triggered by differential heating on the ground. In recent studies UAVs were programmed to exploit this free atmospheric energy from thermals to improve their range and endurance. Researchers had successfully flown UAVs autonomously with thermal soaring method. Most research involved some form of flight simulation.(More)
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