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Concept maps are an effective way of representing a person's understanding of a domain of knowledge. Technology can further help by making it easy to construct and modify that representation, to manage large representations for complex domains, and to allow groups of people to share in the construction of the concept maps. CmapTools is a software(More)
The purpose of this paper is to report on a continuing research effort aimed at the design and development of large-scale international computer network connecting schools in at least ten countries throughout Latin America. Toward this end, the University of West Florida and IBM Latin America have initiated a joint partnership called " Quorum: Collaboration(More)
Information visualization has been a research topic for many years, leading to a mature field where guidelines and practices are well established. Knowledge visualization, in contrast, is a relatively new area of research that has received more attention recently due to the interest from the business community in Knowledge Management. In this paper we(More)
A research program at Cornell University that sought to study the ability of first and second grade children to acquire basic science concepts and the effect of this learning on later schooling led to the need for a new tool to describe explicit changes in children's conceptual understanding. Concept mapping was invented in 1972 to meet this need, and(More)
The most challenging aspect of constructing a concept map is not coming up with the list of concepts to include, but linking the concepts into meaningful propositions to create a coherent structure that reflects the person's understanding of a domain. We present an algorithm which, during the process of concept mapping, takes the partially constructed map(More)
Electronic concept mapping tools empower experts to play an active role in the knowledge capture process, and provide a medium for building richly connected multimedia <i>knowledge models---</i>sets of linked concept maps and resources about a particular domain. Knowledge models are intended to be used as a means for sharing knowledge among humans, not as(More)