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BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY Glutaraldehyde is considered a promoter of calcification by the action of toxic aldehyde group residuals from cross-linking. Post-fixation treatment with homocysteic acid (HA), besides bonding aldehyde groups and neutralizing toxicity, should enhance biocompatibility due to the strongly electronegative sulfonic group. The aim(More)
Cloud computing is steadily growing and, as IaaS vendors have started to offer pay-as-you-go billing policies, it is fundamental to achieve as much elasticity as possible, avoiding over-provisioning that would imply higher costs. In this paper, we briefly analyse the orchestration characteristics of PaaSSOA, a proposed architecture already implemented for(More)
The main anesthesiological problem in TEAC operations is the possibility of evaluating the degree of tolerance after carotid artery clamping. When facing this situation, some anesthesiologists prefer to administer general anesthesia, others prefer loco-regional anesthesia. On the basis of their background and experience, the Authors, from 1.1.1987 to(More)
The emergence of molecular communication has provided an avenue for developing biological nanonetworks. Synthetic biology is a platform that enables reprogramming cells, which we refer to as Bio-NanoThings, that can be assembled to create nanonetworks. In this paper, we focus on specific Bio-NanoThings, i.e, bacteria, where engineering their ability to emit(More)
The influence of platelet turnover on cyclooxygenase (COX-1) inhibition by low-dose aspirin remains largely uncharacterized due to limited feasibility of studying aspirin pharmacodynamics in bone marrow precursors. We developed an in silico compartmental model describing the aspirin effects on COX-1 activity in a population of megakaryocytes (MK) and in(More)
The Venetian Plain is known for the occurrence of areas with high concentrations of arsenic in groundwater (greater than 400 μg/L). The study area represents the typical residential, industrial and agricultural features of most Western countries and is devoid of hydrothermal, volcanic or anthropogenic sources of arsenic. The aim of the study is to model the(More)
Looking at today spam and phishing panorama, we are able to identify two diametrically opposed approaches. On the one hand we have general spam, which targets as much as people as possible with generic and pre-formed texts; on the other hand we have very specific emails, handcrafted to target high-value targets. While nowadays these two worlds don’t(More)
The authors have examined two homogeneous groups of patients suffering from "carotid stenosis", operated by TEAC with two different techniques of anaesthesia: general and local-regional (block). Neurological and cardiovascular complications have been recorded in pre and post-operative period. The results analysed statistically with the Pearson test, were(More)
The 2016 is remembered as the year that showed to the world how dangerous Distributed Denial of Service attacks can be. Gauge of the disruptiveness of DDoS attacks is the number of bots involved: the bigger the botnet, the more powerful the attack. This character, along with the increasing availability of connected and insecure IoT devices, makes DDoS and(More)