Alberto Giannetti

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The use of Combination AntiRetroviral Therapy (cART) has decreased the morbidity and mortality of patients infected with HIV. However, adherence to cART remains crucial to prevent virological failure and disease progression. The aim of this study was to assess adherence to treatment among patients treated with Single Tablet Regimen (STR) or with multi-pill(More)
INTRODUCTION Reduced bone mass density (BMD) is a frequent observation in HIV-infected persons. Relationship between body mass index (BMI), weight, height and BMD was reported for many populations. In particular, BMI has been found to be inversely related to the risk of osteoporosis. METHODS This is a cross-sectional, monocentric study where all(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the role of drugs used in dual therapy (DT), as cART simplification, over the risk of treatment failure. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients starting DT regimen composed by a boosted protease inhibitor (PI/r): darunavir (DRV/r), lopinavir (LPVr) or atazanavir (ATV/r) plus a second drug: raltegravir (RAL), maraviroc (MRV) etravirine (ETR),(More)
BACKGROUND Aim of the study was to assess predictors of discontinuation/toxicity of boosted PI-based (PI/r) dual therapy (DT). METHODS Observational, retrospective switch study in patients successfully treated with triple drugs regimen. Patients switched to PI/r based DT [darunavir (DRV/r), lopinavir (LPV/r) or atazanavir (ATV/r)] plus a second drug:(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic liver disease leads to neurocognitive impairment (NCI) and more advanced liver fibrosis is associated with greater deficits. Further, cognitive performances do not differ significantly among patients affected by diverse types of chronic liver diseases. Thus, it would be useful to have a clinical tool associated with early cognitive(More)
Serum and CSF levels of penicillin have been determined in 13 syphilitic patients treated with relatively high doses of penicillin G by the intravenous route. Wide individual variability in the CSF/serum concentration ratio was observed. In all patients the concentration of the antibiotic in the CSF was equal to or greater than 0.03 IU/ml., which is(More)
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