Alberto García-Perla-García

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the etiopathogenesis, clinical features, therapeutic options, and surgical approaches for removal of ectopic third molars in the mandibular condyle. STUDY DESIGN MEDLINE search of articles published on ectopic third molars in the mandibular condyle from 1980 to 2011. 14 well-documented clinical cases from the literature were(More)
Basal cell nevus syndrome, also known as Gorlin-Goltz syndrome, is an autosomal dominant inherited disorder which is characterised by the presence of multiple maxillary keratocysts and facial basal cell carcinomas, along with other less frequent clinical characteristics such us musculo-skeletal disturbances (costal and vertebrae malformations),(More)
Odontogenic fibromyxomas are benign odontogenic tumors of mesenchymal origin of rare presentation in the oral cavity, which exhibit locally aggressive behavior and are prone to local recurrence. The controversy has mainly been on therapeutic management with recommendations varying, depending on the clinical cases, from simple curettage of lesion to(More)
OBJECTIVES Update on clinical results obtained by the first worldwide facial transplantation teams as well as review of the literature concerning the main surgical, immunological, ethical, and follow-up aspects described on facial transplanted patients. STUDY DESIGN MEDLINE search of articles published on "face transplantation" until March 2012. RESULTS(More)
The typical Stafne's cavity, located on the posterior portion of the mandible, is a relatively uncommon entity. However, when the defect is located in the anterior region of the mandible, it is quite rare, having thus far been described in only 36 cases in the scientific literature. Most of these defects appear in the fifth and sixth decades of life, are(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to compare the use of amoxicillin (1g) vs amoxicillin and clavulanate (875/125mg) after extraction of retained third molars for prevention of infectious complications. STUDY DESIGN The study involved 546 patients attending for removal a retained third molar and divided in to two groups: Group 1 - amoxicillin and(More)
This patient report describes the secondary reconstruction of a hemimandibular and condylar defect and the dental restoration of a 56-year-old woman who had been subjected to radical ablative surgery 30 years earlier to remove a tumor. In the first phase, a fibula free flap was used in combination with a total TMJ prosthesis for the reconstruction of the(More)
BACKGROUND The authors present a technique for selected cases of CBCL. The primary repair of the CBCL with a severely protruding premaxilla in one stage surgery is very difficult, essentially because a good muscular apposition is difficult, forcing synchronously to do a premaxillary setback to facilitate subsequent bilateral lip repair and, thus, achieving(More)
A foreign body penetrating into the intraconal orbital compartment poses a surgical challenge because of its deep location behind the globe and near the optic nerve. We present a case of an air gun pellet lodged into the orbital apex, which was removed via superolateral orbitotomy through coronal incision. This additional craniofacial technique is a safe(More)
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