Alberto Freitas

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BACKGROUND The study of length of stay (LOS) outliers is important for the management and financing of hospitals. Our aim was to study variables associated with high LOS outliers and their evolution over time. METHODS We used hospital administrative data from inpatient episodes in public acute care hospitals in the Portuguese National Health Service(More)
There is currently a need to optimize the levels of perceived quality in most public services. Some of the most critical services are those related to Health, since health and welfare are fundamental to the population as a whole. Both public and private Health organizations are therefore interested in quantifying how good their services are, and to what(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperbilirubinemia is emerging as an increasingly common problem in newborns due to a decreasing hospital length of stay after birth. Jaundice is the most common disease of the newborn and although being benign in most cases it can lead to severe neurological consequences if poorly evaluated. In different areas of medicine, data mining has(More)
BACKGROUND Several organizations and individual authors have been proposing quality indicators for the assessment of clinical care in HIV/AIDS patients. Nevertheless, the definition of a consensual core set of indicators remains controversial and its practical use is largely limited. This study aims not only to identify and characterize these indicators(More)
In the field of breast cancer research, and more than ever, new computer aided diagnosis based systems have been developed aiming to reduce diagnostic tests false-positives. Within this work, we present a data mining based approach which might support oncologists in the process of breast cancer classification and diagnosis. The present study aims to compare(More)