Alberto Fernández Villán

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Automatic glasses detection on real face images is a challenging problem due to different appearance variations. Nevertheless, glasses detection on face images has not been thoroughly investigated. In this paper, an innovative algorithm for automatic glasses detection based on Robust Local Binary Pattern and robust alignment is proposed. Firstly, images are(More)
A laser-stripe system for the automation of welding processes in heavy industries is presented. Conventional methods use human intervention. A new solution using only common usage computer components has been developed, offering at least the same quality of performance at a low price, making laser systems without human intervention attractive for cost(More)
The progressive aging population and the prevalence of chronic diseases are some of the major challenges of current society. This paper aims to illustrate an innovative approach to pervasive health monitoring based on state of the art technology. The proposed solution is based on two main agents: a non-contact health monitoring system embedded in a(More)
Driver distraction, defined as the diversion of attention away from activities critical for safe driving toward a competing activity, is increasingly recognized as a significant source of injuries and fatalities on the roadway. Additionally, the trend towards increasing the use of in-vehicle information systems is critical because they induce visual,(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Delay is a basic surgical technique used by flap surgeons to improve the blood supply to the distal parts of a random skin flap. The aim of this study was to determine whether a scarless delay can be done by the use of the flash lamp pulsed-dye laser operating at a wavelength of 585 nm. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS The pilot(More)
Automatic glasses detection is a hot topic withing the large-scale face images classification domain, which has impact on face recognition or soft biometrics for person identification. In many practical video surveillance applications, the faces acquired by cameras are low resolution. Therefore, this type of applications requires processing of a large(More)
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