Alberto Fanfani

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Carotenoids are considered a limited resource for animals because they are not synthesised by the body. Birds use carotenoids, mainly xanthophylls, for physiological functions, such as anti-oxidant activity, and for colour expression; hence, they need to shunt carotenoids between competitive demands. Recent studies suggest that the anti-oxidant role of(More)
Selective predation can be an important force driving the evolution of organisms. In particular, sex-biased predation is expected to have implications for sexual selection, sex allocation and population dynamics. In this study, we analysed sex differences in the predation of the western green lizard (Lacerta bilineata) by the Eurasian kestrel (Falco(More)
Different aspects of the foraging strategies of two harvester ant species, Messor wasmanni and M. minor, were investigated in a Mediterranean dry grassland area. Baits were used to evaluate the existence of a trade-off between resource discovery and domination as well as the effect of three variables (air temperature, relative humidity and distance) on the(More)
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