Alberto Falzone

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The architecture and the current implementation of the GENIUS (Grid Enabled web eNvironment for site Independent User job Submission) Grid portal, jointly developed by INFN and NICE srl within the context of INFN Grid and DataGrid projects, is presented and discussed. Particular care is devoted to the description of job creation and submission and the(More)
Nowadays, e-Science uses sophisticated high level tools that allow scientists separated by long distances and belonging to different administrative domains to work on the same project. Among them, Science Gateways and general purpose Grid Portals are becoming very popular. The first ones are generally customized for a given Virtual Research Community (VRC)(More)
BACKGROUND Grid technology is the computing model which allows users to share a wide pletora of distributed computational resources regardless of their geographical location. Up to now, the high security policy requested in order to access distributed computing resources has been a rather big limiting factor when trying to broaden the usage of Grids into a(More)
OBJECTIVE The development of computational Grids is making huge amounts of computing power and data storage available for a lot of scientific applications. At this stage of development, the use of the Grid is mainly based on Command Line Interface (CLI) tools that are not very friendly and can be considered an obstacle to the use of these powerful tools.(More)