Alberto Domezain

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The present study examines the particular metabolic strategies of the sturgeon Acipenser naccarii in facing a period of prolonged starvation (72 days) and subsequent refeeding (60 days) compared to the trout Oncorhynchus mykiss response under similar conditions. Plasma metabolites, endogenous reserves, and the activity of intermediate enzymes in liver and(More)
Enzymatic antioxidant activities (superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase) and lipid peroxidation were determined in different tissues (gills, heart, digestive tract, liver, white muscle, skin, red blood cells, swimbladder) of trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and sturgeon (Acipenser naccarii). Total tissue antioxidant(More)
Modifications in the chloride (mitochondria-rich) and pavement cells of the gill epithelia of the Adriatic sturgeon Acipenser naccarii after their transfer under hypertonic environmental conditions (salinity 35) were examined by light and electron microscopy. In contrast to freshwater specimens, seawater-acclimated fish showed a marked increase in the(More)
In acipenserids, crypt cells (CCs) have only been observed in juvenile specimens, and it has not been clarified whether they differentiate along with olfactory receptor neurons (ORNs) during the lecithotrophic stage or during later development stages. Furthermore, no detailed optical microscopy (OM) or electron microscopy study on the development of CCs has(More)
The oxidative status is associated with animal lifespan, metabolism, activity and circadian rhythms. The objective of this work is to study the time course of the oxidative status over a daily cycle in the plasma, liver and brain, and the changes in the plasma cortisol levels of sturgeon and trout. The knowledge of daily oxidative status will provide a(More)
  • Alejandro Guerrero, José M Icardo, +4 authors Valentín Sans-Coma
  • 2004
Previous work showed that in the adult sturgeon an intrapericardial, nonmyocardial segment is interposed between the conus arteriosus of the heart and the ventral aorta. The present report illustrates the ontogeny of this intermediate segment in Acipenser naccarii. The sample studied consisted of 178 alevins between 1 and 24 days posthatching. They were(More)
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