Alberto Di Donato

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Biocatalysis is today a standard technology for the industrial production of several chemicals, and the number of biotransformation processes running on a commercial scale is constantly increasing.(More)
Toluene o-xylene monooxygenase (ToMO) and phenol hydroxylase (PH) of Pseudomonas stutzeri OX1 act sequentially in a recombinant upper pathway for the degradation of aromatic hydrocarbons. The(More)
The pathways for degradation of aromatic hydrocarbons are constantly modified by a variety of genetic mechanisms. Genetic studies carried out with Pseudomonas stutzeri OX1 suggested that the tou(More)
Pseudomonas stutzeri OXI is a Gram-negative microorganism able to grow in media containing aromatic hydrocarbons. A novel lipo-oligosaccharide from P. stutzeri OX1 was isolated and characterized. For(More)
Bacterial multicomponent monooxygenases (BMMs) are members of a wide family of diiron enzymes that use molecular oxygen to hydroxylate a variety of aromatic compounds. The presence of genes encoding(More)