Alberto Delmas Lascorz

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Deep Neural Networks expose a high degree of parallelism, making them amenable to highly data parallel architectures. However, data-parallel architectures often accept inefficiency in individual computations for the sake of overall efficiency. We show that on average, activation values of convolutional layers during inference in modern Deep Convolutional(More)
Loom (LM), a hardware inference accelerator for Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) is presented. In LM every bit of data precision that can be saved translates to proportional performance gains. Specifically, for convolutional layers LM’s execution time scales inversely proportionally with the precisions of both weights and activations. For(More)
We discuss several modifications and extensions over the previous proposed Cnvlutin (CNV) accelerator for convolutional and fully-connected layers of Deep Learning Network. We first describe different encodings of the activations that are deemed ineffectual. The encodings have different memory overhead and energy characteristics. We propose using a level of(More)
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