Alberto Delgado

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Although Constraint Programming (CP) is considered a useful tool for tackling combinatorial problems, its lack of flexibility when dealing with uncertainties and preferences is still a matter of research. Several formal frameworks for soft constraints have been proposed within the CP community: all of them seem to be theoretically solid, but few practical(More)
Millions of containers are stowed every week with goods worth billions of dollars, but container vessel stowage is an all but neglected combinatorial optimization problem. In this paper, we introduce a model for stowing containers in a vessel bay which is the result of probably the longest collaboration to date with a liner shipping company on automated(More)
Container vessel stowage planning is a hard combinatorial optimization problem with both high economic and environmental impact. We have developed an approach that often is able to generate near-optimal plans for large container vessels within a few minutes. It decomposes the problem into a master planning phase that distributes the containers to bay(More)
Here we introduce DePathos, a graphical tool for a time-tabling constraint engine (Pathos). Since the core of Pathos is text-based and provides little user-interaction, finding an appropriate solution for large problems (1000-2000 variables) can be a very time consuming process requiring the constant supervision of a constraint programming expert. DePathos(More)
  • Dario Pacino, Alberto Delgado-Ortegon, Rune Jensen, Møller, Tom Bebbington, Dario Pacino +2 others
  • 2016
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