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Time performances and time-based competition concepts are analysed, introducing three types of time-based competitors. A traditional and an innovative path towards time-based competition are then recognised, the former achievable by over-resource applying, while the latter by practices related to just-in-time and concurrent engineering. It is explained how(More)
The paper investigates how the decision variables of the production planning process for a network of "rms in the textile-apparel industry, i.e. planning period length, material availability, the link between production orders and customer orders as regards colour mix, can a!ect the system's time performance, whose measurement has involved the creation of(More)
The fundamental role played by after-sales service in increasing the competitive advantage is the reason why several manufacturing firms are giving greater attention to its measurement. Following an in-depth analysis of the literature concerning the characteristics and dimensions of service in manufacturing, a model for measuring and managing after-sales(More)
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