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OBJECTIVE To compare the effects that the use of general intravenous anesthesia (propofol-fentanyl) (GA) or general anesthesia combined with thoracic epidural anesthesia with meperidine (TEA-M) may have on arterial oxygenation during one-lung ventilation (OLV). DESIGN Prospective. SETTING Tertiary care hospital. PARTICIPANTS Seventy-two patients(More)
Lignotuberous plants are frequently dominant in Mediterranean-type shrublands, and total non-structural carbohydrates (TNC) stored in the lignotuber are assumed to play an important role in resprouting after fire. However, seasonal variations in TNC in this organ and other plant parts have not been properly evaluated, particularly in relation to periods of(More)
Divalproex sodium (DVS; Depakote) is a commonly used antiepileptic agent that increases the levels of gamma aminobutyric acid. Spasticity from different causes may be due to a deficiency of inhibitory transmitters like gamma aminobutyric acid or an excess of excitatory neurotransmitters. Spasticity also may be accompanied by pain. The authors administered(More)
DADICC is the abbreviated name for an intelligent system able to detect on-line and diagnose anomalies as soon as possible in the dynamic evolution of the behaviour of a power plant based on a combined cycle gas turbine. In order to reach this objective, a modelling process is required for the characterization of the normal performance when any symptom of a(More)
Fire Trol 934 is a long-term fire retardant commonly used in fire prevention and extinction. Our objective was to determine the effect of this chemical on seed germination of nine plant species from Mediterranean-type shrublands, where these chemicals are potentially used. Seeds were exposed to five different Fire Trol concentrations, (0 (control) to 10%,(More)
Introduction and objectives: Epicardial adipose tissue has been associated with several obesity-related parameters and with insulin resistance. Echocardiographic assessment of this tissue is an easy and reliable marker of cardiometabolic risk. However, there are insufficient studies on the relationship between epicardial fat and insulin resistance during(More)