Alberto Cruz

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The use of last generation Programmable Electronic Components makes it possible the construction of very powerful and competitive special purpose computers. We have designed, constructed and tested a three-dimensional Spin Glass model dedicated machine. Each single board can simulate 8 different systems, updating all the systems every clock cycle at 48 Mhz.(More)
Ascaris lumbricoides worm populations were studied from 150 Filipino children (0-14 years) dewormed with pyrantel pamoate (Combantrin) or oxantel-pyrantel pamoate (Quantrel). Populations were classified according to intensity of infection: very light, light, moderate or heavy. A total of 2072 adult worms were sexed (939 males and 1133 females) and weighed.(More)
DADICC is the abbreviated name for an intelligent system able to detect on-line and diagnose anomalies as soon as possible in the dynamic evolution of the behaviour of a power plant based on a combined cycle gas turbine. In order to reach this objective, a modelling process is required for the characterization of the normal performance when any symptom of a(More)
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