Alberto Comazzi

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Females and males with no psychiatric history, 25-75 years old, attending thermal facilities in Boario Terme (N = 449) and in Sangemini Terme (N = 40) were administered, on the 2nd-3rd day of their admission, a questionnaire expressly conceive in order to declare conscious motivations for thermal treatments and, in addiction, the Middlesex Hospital(More)
The type of psychiatric assistance carried out in Italy before Basaglia's views gained ground--that is, before 1968, when his book L'Istituzione Negata was published--is first described. The "Democratic Psychiatry" movement he launched was the mainspring of Law 180 (1978), known to have led to the closing of asylums. This law has brought about moves to(More)
The main psychological and possible psychopathological traits of the spa user are identified and classified in order to clarify motivational aspects. Two different self-assessment tests, the Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire (MHQ) and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) were given, the first to 500 subjects who had undergone spa treatment(More)
The aim of this report is introducing with a series of psychological, psychiatric and psychosocial problems, that can arise, at every point, in the procedure of organ transplantations. Different areas of intervention are considered: the assistance to the patients and their families during the pre- and post-operative periods; the evaluation of transplant(More)
After a brief reminder of the dual therapeutic aspect (biological and psychological) of spa treatment, the results are presented of a series of psychological reaction tests (McFarland's Psychosomatic Inventory, the Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire, the Rorschach test) given to a randomized sample of 106 patients together with semistructured interviews(More)
The sonochemical synthesis of nanostructured materials owes its origins to the extreme conditions created during acoustic cavitation, i.e., the formation of localized hot spots in the core of collapsing bubbles in a liquid irradiated with high intensity ultrasound (US). In particular, in the present work a sonochemical synthesis has been investigated for(More)
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